Manfred not sure there's path to success for Oakland MLB team


This is not the year the Athletics envisioned. And it just got worse. 

As the A's watch the playoffs from home for the first time since 2017, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred again put the organization's future in Oakland in doubt.

"Frankly, in some ways, we're not sure we see a path to success in terms of getting something built in Oakland," Manfred said Tuesday at the CAA World Congress of Sports. 

In May, the A's officially started exploring relocation options outside of Oakland with the blessing of Major League Baseball as the franchise looks to build a new stadium at Howard Terminal. 

On July 20, the A's hopes for a new stadium at Howard Terminal stayed alive when the city council voted "yes" to approve a non-binding term sheet for the project.

Manfred made it clear both the A's and Tampa Bay Rays need new stadiums, but his words on Oakland were far stronger. 

"Both Oakland and Tampa need new facilities," Manfred said. "It's kind of beyond debate at this point. Oakland probably critical in terms of condition of the ballpark. Whatever you want to say about Tampa, it's playable for right now and they have a lease that goes through 2027.

"Oakland's in a critical situation. We need to find a way to get new ballparks built in those two cities. Or, particularly in the case of Oakland, we've had to open up the opportunity to explore other locations, just because it's dragged on so long."

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The A's front office, most notably president Dave Kaval, have frequented Las Vegas a possible relocation site. As Manfred made it clear, the list of relocation options could be far longer than just Sin City. 

"Relocation is a possibility," Manfred said. "They've been talking to Las Vegas. It's gotten a lot of publicity. But there are option in terms of relocation in addition to Las Vegas."

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