When is the 2023 NHL trade deadline?


One of the biggest days of the season is approaching in the hockey world – the trade deadline. It’s officially time to start strategizing.

Though we only recently crossed the halfway mark of the 2022-23 NHL season, it’s time to start deliberating changes and considering possibilities, especially with Stanley Cup aspirations on the line.

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There are always a lot of choices to be made prior to the trade deadline, and these choices will ultimately decide the fate of your favorite team – whether it be a good rebuild or a questionable trade-off.

As we head into the NHL trading period, let’s look at some details about the 2023 deadline:

When is the 2023 NHL Trade Deadline?

The 2023 NHL Trade Deadline is Friday, March 3, at 3 p.m. ET. 

Teams must make trades by this date and calls of the trade must be sent to the league office by this time.

Can trades be made after the deadline?

The simple answer is yes, however, if trades are made after March 3, there is a price to pay. If a team trades for a player after the deadline, the player is not eligible to play in any regular season or playoff games for their new club.

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