Rookie Lance happy, having fun with 49ers' QB rotation


SANTA CLARA -- Trey Lance was all smiles after he and Jimmy Garoppolo successfully rotated on and off the field on Sunday. 

The 49ers' rookie quarterback and his veteran counterpart exchanged positions back and forth numerous times through two offensive drives against the Las Vegas Raiders. The quarterbacks also took turns rushing into the end zone for touchdowns. 

“I was prepared for it, Jimmy was too,” Lance said. “I’m sure he answered it the same way. We had repped it so it was good to get game reps and really see how it really feels.”

Garoppolo was on the field for 15 plays and Lance the remaining 11 during the first two scoring drives. Lance, who is known for his mobility, handed off the ball one time before he saw the opening that allowed him to run in for the score.  

“It was as zone read,” Lance said. “We brought Jalen Hurd in motion and the end crashed so it will probably be one of the easiest rushing touchdowns I’ll ever have. The offensive line did a great job and made it really easy.” 

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After the game, Lance shared that he has not received specific instructions to avoid running the ball himself. The only definitive rules are ones that he has followed since he started playing the game - if you’re going to get hit, get down or run out of bounds. 

As far as the game plan, Lance believes in his offensive-minded coach. He knows that whatever is called is what is best for the team. Following the game, Shanahan shared that the rotation wasn’t random to test the team’s ability to change personnel, but rather was situational. 

“I’m going to hand the ball off until I can’t, until the defense makes me keep it,” Lance said. “It’s fun. I trust Coach Shanahan, and I know Jimmy does. He’s going to find ways to get the guy that need the ball, the ball and do whatever it takes to win games.” 

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