Purdy reveals his true feelings about ‘Mr. Irrelevant' tag


By now, the 49ers Faithful are well aware of the term “Mr. Irrelevant” and what it means.

And since earning the nickname as the last pick of the 2022 NFL Draft, Brock Purdy has proven he’s anything but irrelevant after taking over for an injured Jimmy Garoppolo at quarterback in Week 13.

The 22-year-old understandably has received plenty of questions about the moniker since April, with even more coming this week as fans and media alike marvel at the odds.

So, what does Purdy really think about being known as Mr. Irrelevant?

“Definitely, I think there's always been an edge to myself,” Purdy said Thursday. “People, they make a joke out of it [being Mr. Irrelevant] and whatnot, and it's all fun and games in terms of taking the trip and meeting great people and that kind of thing, but for myself, I've always believed that I don't care what slot, what round, what pick that I get picked or if I was undrafted. 

“My whole thing was, man, I just want to go out and prove to myself that I can play at this level. And so that's always been my mentality.”

The “trip” Purdy referred to is known as Irrelevant Week, when the QB was whisked away to Newport Beach in the early summer for a week of festivities after being drafted. 

The celebration of the draft’s Mr. Irrelevant was launched in 1976 by NFL alumnus Paul Salata to drive home his important message that “it’s not a negative to be picked last in the NFL draft; rather, it’s an honor to be drafted at all.”

That’s a piece of advice Purdy has taken to heart during his rookie campaign, especially as he takes over the reins as San Francisco’s starting QB.

“Even though I was the last pick, that's just where I happened to fall in the draft,” Purdy said. “I've embraced the role in terms of having fun with it when I got here with the guys and going on the trip and everything, but at the end of the day, for me, it's like, man, I got an opportunity to come and play for the 49ers and compete, make the team, and do what it takes to push these guys in the locker room and win at all costs.

“That's really where I've been with it.”

Purdy made an immediate impact in the injury absence of both Garoppolo and second-year pro Trey Lance, leading the 49ers to a 33-17 win over the Miami Dolphins while impressing his teammates with confidence not often found in a rookie.

And maybe it’s that self-assurance that has allowed him to look at being Mr. Irrelevant through a unique lens.

"I don't hate the term or anything like that,” Purdy said. “The people that we went and met are great. We still talk to them, what they do for different organizations and raising money, it's for a great cause. I'm very thankful for how it all worked out."

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Since his breakout performance against the Dolphins, Purdy has found himself answering to Mr. Relevant these days.

His next task? Backing up that new nickname this Sunday as Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers come to Levi’s Stadium for a Week 14 showdown.

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