Justin Thomas interviews Jalen Hurts at Super Bowl Opening Night


Golf star Justin Thomas put his downtime ahead of the Phoenix Open to good use.

The 15-time PGA Tour champion paid a visit to Super Bowl LVII Opening Night in Arizona and even got to ask Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts a couple of questions.

Thomas first commended Hurts' golf swings that were apparently well executed both lefty and righty, according to the professional golfer.

The two athletes then bonded over their ties to the University of Alabama, a place where each spent a few years of undergrad. 

"Between Oklahoma and Bama, which one are you claiming?" Thomas asked Hurts.

Hurts, 24, spent three seasons with the Crimson Tide (2016, 2017, 2018) before transferring to the Oklahoma Sooners for his final collegiate season.

Hurts responded with a giggle and walked away.

Thomas, 29, spent two years at Alabama before turning professional in 2013.

"It's more just about the experience," Thomas said. "Not very often in the town of the Super Bowl and I happen to be playing a golf tournament."

Thomas said he feels like golf has become a sport that athletes from all areas are beginning to play and enjoy. He then went on to subtly drop a massive compliment that Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes gave him.

"It's weird, I never in a million years thought I'd be meeting Patrick Mahomes and him telling me that he's a fan of mine and a fan of golf."

University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban surprised Thomas at media day ahead of the 2022 Player's Championship and the duo got to play the final three holes together.

"His mental game," Thomas said on the most impressive part of Saban's golf game. "You see what he does to those guys on the team at Alabama. I'm sure he's a lot better at preaching it than practicing it, but you can't doubt that guy's mental game."

Thomas is set to compete at the Phoenix Open on Feb. 9 in Scottsdale, Ariz.

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