Jimmy G reveals Aiyuk's ‘unique' edge over other receivers


49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk has found consistency over the last four games.

The 24-year-old has recorded six or more receptions for 80-plus yards and three touchdowns during his run in good form. 

Jimmy Garoppolo spotlighted what is the cause of Aiyuk's recent success and how he is becoming a part of the 49ers' vaunted offense. 

The veteran quarterback admired Aiyuk's big-play capability and noticed how that has boosted the receiver's confidence, as evidenced by the numbers he's put up since the 49ers matchup against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 6.

"He has [crazy catches in practice] every day," Garoppolo told reporters Friday. "It's kind of becoming routine, honestly. His arms are so long that I'm learning his catch radius and how it's just different. He had one today over the middle, I put it high in front of him and he just went and got it.

"Some of those you do on purpose with the location of the defender and some, he just makes you look good as a quarterback, so you love having a guy like that."

Aiyuk's ability to grab the ball is why Garoppolo is comfortable throwing a contested pass to the former Arizona State product, knowing he's positioning the ball only where his receiver can grab it with his extended catch radius.

"I can't think of one off the top of my head right now, but there's been ones in the past where it looks like he's covered and you just put it outside of his frame and he can reach it and the DB can't," Garoppolo added. 

“In general, when you watch him running, it looks different, or at least to me, it looks different than other receivers. And when you have long legs like that, some receivers can’t really get out of the break. They just get stuck, kind of and Brandon has the strength to get out of that, which is just unique.”

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Garoppolo and Aiyuk hope to continue their connection against the 49ers' NFC West rival, the Arizona Cardinals, on "Monday Night Football" at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City.

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