Fred Warner

How Warner uses ‘TNF' warm-ups to spot weakness in 49ers' opponents

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The quick ramp-up for a Thursday night game is a tall task for any NFL player, but don't tell All-Pro linebacker Fred Warner that.

When Warner was asked if things felt any different on the field while playing on a short week, he was adamant that his mentality remains the same no matter what.

He also mentioned that the midweek game allows him to identify opponents that might be a little gassed following the rapid turnaround after playing on Sunday.

"I think once you're in it, you're in it, you know?" Warner said. "You're kinda -- that flip switches a little bit. I think it's fun for guys like me. … I've already made my mind up that I don't care if it's Thursday, Saturday, [or] Sunday, and you go out there in warm-ups, and you kind of watch how they're moving throughout warm-ups, and guys are a little groggy, and I'm like, 'Alright, we got 'em.' "

Football players are creatures of habit, with a meticulous schedule that they follow every week, preparing for their next game.

Warner touched on how important it is to find a way to adapt to disruption from the typical routine.

"Stuff like that is things I look for, but it's tough on all of us, honestly," Warner said. "It's a shorter work week. Guys have routines that they're used to, especially myself. But you gotta adjust, and you've got to just adjust accordingly."

Thursday night's showdown against the New York Giants will be the first time the 49ers take the field in their home stadium this season. The energy from the fans in attendance will surely provide an extra boost for the players digging deep on just three days of rest since their last game.

However, in Warner's case, you can count on the star linebacker to bring his own juice as he and the team attempt to give the 49ers their first 3-0 start since the 2019 season.

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