Deebo Samuel

Samuel, 49ers' veteran WRs prank rookies with huge dinner bill

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Deebo Samuel and the 49ers' veteran wide receivers pulled a fast one on their rookie counterparts.

In a clip posted to rookie receiver Isaiah Winstead's Instagram story, Samuel is seen holding a bill from a dinner at a Las Vegas restaurant that amounts to $15,134.30.

The staggering bill appears to be from a rookie-funded wide receiver dinner, but Samuel later clarified it was a prank to scare the 49ers' youngsters and the real cost was $2,500.

Don't worry, it was just $2,500. What a bargain, right?

San Francisco currently has 11 receivers in training camp, with two rookies: Winstead and Ronnie Bell. A $2,500 bill still equates to over $200 per person.

Rookie dinners are an annual tradition in the NFL and a way for veterans to welcome first-year players to the league. However, most veterans, like Samuel, end up paying for some if not the entire bill themselves after giving the youngsters a good scare.

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