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Purdy had ‘ice in his veins' on 49ers' game-sealing TD vs. Seahawks

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Brock Purdy pretty much sealed the 49ers' 31-13 win over the Seattle Seahawks on "Thursday Night Football" at Lumen Stadium with one pass.

San Francisco led Seattle 24-13 with 7:56 remaining in the fourth quarter when Purdy completed a 28-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk that gave the 49ers an 18-point lead following the extra point.

Purdy completed the pass to Aiyuk with four Seahawks defenders in the vicinity. After the game, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan admitted to reporters that he and the San Francisco sideline initially held their breath when the play developed, but quickly realized Purdy made the right decision.

"I couldn't believe he was throwing it," Shanahan said of the throw. "The zone coverage guys were so deep, which usually you can check it down right underneath them and get about 12, but Brock thought he could drop it in over the guy. It was a clear view for all of us, that was just a hell of a throw. Perfect touch,got it over him.

"He does that pretty consistently. He's always, always trying to get that one in. Very rarely does he check it down and you tell him he missed the deep one. He looks at it that way. He proved to us while the ball was in the air that it was the right decision ... we're all holding our breath as soon as he lets it go because the guy was so deep, but Brock's got some touch and was able to throw it over him."

Aiyuk knew right away he had a good chance to score on the play and offered a simple breakdown of Purdy's throw.

"I thought I had a chance to get it, we were in 22 personnel," Aiyuk explained. "And there were only two routes being ran, so I thought I had a chance.

"That's what you call a dot."

Star running back Christian McCaffrey, who scored twice in the game, was not surprised by Purdy's impressive throw one bit.

"Ice in his veins," McCaffrey said of Purdy postgame. "Yeah, he's such a good player, man and he makes plays all over the field. Watching how consistent he is back in the huddle. He's never too high, never too low. He's consistent. Constantly any time he's got the ball in his hands there's a play to be made and he can make it."

Purdy's touchdown pass is one of many highlight-reel throws the 49ers quarterback has made since taking over as the starter midway through the 2022 season, and it certainly won't be the last.

The 49ers will take advantage of a few well-deserved days off before returning to the facility on Monday to begin preparation for a ferocious NFC Championship Game rematch with the Philadelphia Eagles next Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field.

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