49ers newcomer Hargrave tells origin of signature celebration


Javon Hargrave had plenty of opportunities to celebrate in a Philadelphia Eagles uniform last season.

He racked up a career-high 11 sacks in 17 games and added another during the Eagles' playoff run to the Super Bowl. And after every sack, Hargrave would unleash the same celebration each time.

“It’s my kick-the-door-down celebration,” Hargrave explained to 49ers team reporter Lindsey Pallares. “I draw the door up and kick it down.

“Everybody started getting involved. Every time I draw the door, everybody comes running to kick it down.”

Hargrave was a big contributor to a historic Philadelphia defense. The Eagles racked up 70 sacks during the regular season to become one of four teams in NFL history to reach that milestone.

Hargrave was one of four Eagles players to notch double-digit sacks, joining Haason Reddick (16), Josh Sweat (11) and Brandon Graham (11).

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All four of those players would join Hargrave in kicking down the door. As for the origins of his patented celebration?

“It’s something I took from one of my old teammates and made it into my own,” Hargrave said. “He didn’t really do it as much. Once I started doing it, it just became my thing.

“Once you get the sack, you draw the door. It’s hard to get sacks in the league. Once you draw the door, you just kick the door down like I finally got in.”

Between Hargrave kicking down invisible doors to Nick Bosa hitting his patented shrug celebration, the 49ers’ defense will have plenty of different ways to celebrate next season.

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