49ers expected to have 10th-easiest schedule in 2023


The 49ers seemingly will have a more forgiving 2023 NFL season. 

Using data from DraftKings, Twitter user Sam Hoppen visualized each team's strength of schedule for next season and San Francisco will have the 10th-easiest slate.

Only the Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints have easier schedules than the 49ers. 

For context, the New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs and Las Vegas Raiders have the four toughest 2023 schedules based on the data. Also, San Francisco's opponents' win percentage is expected to hover around .500 as well.

That said, preseason predictions of regular season strength of schedules often could be misleading.

Before last season, San Francisco was projected to have the 13th-easiest schedule. Once the season began, the 49ers actually had the easiest strength of schedule among all NFL teams.

It remains to be seen how the 49ers will do once the season begins, especially with all the new pieces they have to integrate on both sides of the field once OTAs and minicamps start up

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But if the offseason projections are anything to go by, San Francisco should have an easier schedule in 2023 and fans are hopeful that will lead to fewer injuries. 

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