Richard Sherman's body, mind in good spot heading into ninth NFL season


SANTA CLARA -- After a season of playing with sutures in his injured heel, 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman is excited to show what he can do without physical restrictions. 

“I just feel really good, I feel really explosive,” Sherman said. “I worked hard, I feel healthy. That goes a long way to having a great season, just not having that on your mind.” 

The sutures in Sherman’s rehabilitated Achilles limited him physically in 2018 as he second-guessed his body on the field. Sherman is known as a very cerebral player, but what has made him exceptional is the combination of his mental and physical game. 

Sherman confirmed his sutures were removed in late February. He was already feeling better during OTAs and mandatory mini-camp. He explained how free he has felt since the procedure. 

“Not thinking about it, not consciously being aware of what foot you’re putting in the ground, what cuts you’re making, how you’re making them, how much speed you have going into a cut, etc, etc,” Sherman said. “You can just go out there and cut like you know how, react like you know how.

“Football is a hard enough game as is without having to think about putting your injured foot in the ground and how much pressure you’re going to put on it and how many cuts you have in it throughout the day.” 

Along with needing to rebuild confidence in how his body would perform, Sherman added that the physical discomfort was something he had to mentally prepare for and work through. He knew when he could make a play physically but also knew, at times, there would be a cost because of it. 

“It was pain,” Sherman said. “It was pain from sutures that were in my heel. I could work through them, and the rest of my body got to a spot where everything was moving well, and then there’s still a staple in your heel.

“Mechanically I could do it, but it’s like driving your car with a nail in the tire. Technically the car is still rolling but you still have a nail in the tire. Once we got that removed, it gave me peace of mind.”

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Sherman knows that the expectations for the defense are high this season with the additions of free agent pass-rusher Dee Ford and No. 2 overall pick of the NFL Draft, Nick Bosa. Sherman, however, looks at it simplistically. 

“We just have to focus on the future, and focus on getting better.”  

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