Jerry Rice: Benching Kaepernick ‘could energize' 49ers


UPDATE (Wednesday at 4:53pm) -- Jerry Rice didn't backtrack from his comments, but he clarified them a few hours after TMZ Sports' initial report.

Once the article picked up steam, Rice tweeted: "Ok ppl relax . I didn't say bench Kap for the year. Bill Walsh would let players get there head together . Kap is the future for the niners."


When Jim Tomsula was asked last Friday about Colin Kaepernick's status heading into Week 8 against the Rams, the head coach's answer was clear.

“Colin’s our quarterback today. No controversies.”

49ers legend Jerry Rice is also a believer in Kaepernick, but thinks the 49ers should give Blaine Gabbert a look.

"I am a true Kaepernick fan. 100 percent. I'm not saying bench him for the season, but sometimes you gotta shake things up," Rice recently told TMZ Sports. "It could energize the team, and provide Colin the spark he needs."

Fox Sports' Jay Glazer reported on Sunday that Kaepernick is "on an island" in the 49ers locker room, something Tomsula disputed on Tuesday morning.

[MAIOCCO: Tomsula disputes Kaepernick 'on island,' confirms heated meeting]

Kaepernick is constantly under the microscope and has taken a lot of blame for the 49ers' 2-5 start.

Rice wants that narrative to change.

"The Niners aren't a cohesive group right now," he explained. "They're making way too many mistakes. It's not only Kaepernick, there's plenty of blame to go around.

"The team has to decide. Are they gonna throw the towel in, or are they gonna fight through it?"


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