Davis accepts role in 49ers' offense


Tight end Vernon Davis entered this season with a well-earned reputation as one of the top pass-catching threats in the NFL. But Davis has not complained about disappearing from the 49ers' passing attack in recent weeks.Of course, it's much easier to accept fewer catches and yards when the 49ers are winning."Yes. Definitely," Davis said following the 49ers' 24-all tie against the St. Louis Rams. "(It's) easy to accept when you're winning because you're winning. And we're getting somewhere, getting toward the playoffs."The 49ers' tie did not get them closer to the playoffs. Instead, they were just treading water. Davis had his fourth consecutive game with fewer than 40 yards receiving.When asked how he felt about his level of involvement Sunday, Davis paused for several moments and then answered."Uh, I mean, I do what I'm told. That's pretty much it," he said. "At this moment, that's all I can really do. My main focus is just making sure I'm a team guy and just accepting the simple fact that coaches are giving me a certain role to play and I have to accept it."I have to live with it and deal with it at the same time. I look at the bright side of things. I know we have more games and there will be plenty of opportunities to me to help this team."Davis said he has never wavered from his main focus, which is helping the 49ers win games."We're all competitive," Davis said. "Everybody on this team is competitive. And for me, I want to help this team. That's my main focus. I want to make plays. That's what I want to do. If it's not given to me, the opportunity, I'm not going to put my head down and pout. I'll accept it."Davis' last four games
Vs. N.Y. Giants: 3 catches, 37 yards, 0 TDs
Vs. Seattle: 0 catches, 0 yards, 0 TDs
At Arizona: 2 catches, 34 yards, 0 TDs
Vs. St. Louis: 4 catches, 30 yards 0 TDsThrough nine games, Davis has 29 receptions for 404 yards with four touchdowns.

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