Keegan Murray

Kris Murray jokingly reveals how to push Keegan's buttons on court

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Kings forward Keegan Murray built a reputation of being stoic and composed on the court as an NBA rookie. Memes would take over Kings Twitter when Murray revealed even a slight smirk after making a big play in a game.

But nobody on this planet knows how to push Keegan’s buttons on the court better than his twin brother, Kris. First off, is it possible to get under the cool, calm and collected youngster's skin? And secondly, how?

"Scoring on him is the biggest thing,” Kris said in an exclusive interview with NBC Sports California. “For me, it’s scoring on him because he gets mad when I do score on him.

“I usually talk a little bit. Just scoring on him, getting into his face, making him uncomfortable -- those are the things that can get him mad. But when he plays mad, he’s a really good player. So, you have to pick your poison."

Keegan and Kris played countless one-on-one games against each other while growing up together in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Kris said the twin brothers used to play games up to 100 points. And he has an idea of which brother owns the better all-time record in those battles.

"I definitely have the upper hand,” Kris said with a smile to NBC Sports California. “He should say the same, but he probably wouldn’t if you interview him.

“I think just being the older brother, you’ve always got to win those battles at all costs -- fouling him, making him mad, different things. The last time we played one-on-one I beat him, so I think I’m top dog."

Kris, older than Keegan by a handful of minutes, will enter the 2023 NBA Draft looking for his next basketball home. If he's still on the board when Sacramento selects at No. 24 overall, he could be joining Keegan on the up-and-coming Kings.

“I definitely do want to play with Keegan, whether it’s this year, whether it’s three years from now, five years from now, 10 years from now,” Kris told NBC Sports California. “Getting an opportunity to play with him at any capacity would be really special.

“Something that we’ve always dreamed of, just being able to play in the NBA together. I welcome any opportunity to share the court with him again.”

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