Why Seth picks himself over brother Steph in taking open shot


STATELINE, Nev. – Whenever someone identifies Stephen Curry as the greatest shooter who ever lived, or a similar superlative, his younger brother takes it in stride.

Which is not to suggest Seth Curry is in full agreement.

“If you’ve got one guy to knock down an open shot,” he told NBC Sports Bay Area from the American Century Championship at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course on an episode of "Dubs Talk." “I’m taking me.

“Numbers don’t lie.”

Stephen Curry is the all-time leader in 3-point makes, with 3,117, but ranks fourth in 3-point shooting percentage among active NBA players, at 42.8 percent. Grizzlies guard Desmond Bane (43.5) is third and Joe Harris (43.9) is third.

Seth Curry ranks No. 1 among active players, his 44.0 percent slightly ahead of his Nets teammate Harris.

“That’s a fact,” Seth Curry said. “I say look at the numbers. That’s what I saw. That percentage. He shoots more, gets them up more, and he’s close in percentage.”

Deep shooting is part of the Curry DNA, originating with their father, Dell, who over his 16-year career shot 40.2 percent beyond the arc. The Curry family trio has combined for a total of 5,092 triples.

While Steph is by far the Curry leader -- Dell has 1,245 and Seth 730 -- he also makes a point, whenever given the opportunity, of praising the shooting ability of his younger brother.

Seth Curry has heard public compliments before. He considers it part of Steph’s elaborate con.

“He already knows,” Seth said. “Don’t let him fool you, though. He’ll point to my percentage to try to make me feel good. But behind closed doors, he’s taking jabs.”

The sibling rivalry exists mostly in private, where Seth -- who is married to Callie Rivers, daughter of 76ers coach Doc Rivers -- insists he is superior to Steph at cards and video games but realizes his eight-year career is no match for what his brother has achieved over 13 years.

Still, Seth Curry acknowledges he has benefited from observing and studying the professional paths walked by his father and brother, who is 29 months older. Dell was a first-round pick (15th overall) in 1986. Steph was a first-round pick (seventh overall) in 2009.

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Seth, by contrast, went undrafted out of Duke in 2013. He received a training camp invitation from the Warriors but was waived five days before the season. He did not appear in an NBA game until January 2014, and not until the 2015-16 season did he solidify is place in the NBA.

He knows his brother better than anyone, and he appreciates Steph’s success and also his confidence.

“I grew up with him,” he said. “We’ve been through it. He’s competitive. You’ve seen the competitive edge he has to be as good as he is. To be as good as him, you’ve got to have that edge.

“He thinks he could shoot better than me, just like I feel the opposite way.”

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