Why Perk ‘would love' to see Warriors swap Wiggins for KD


Kendrick Perkins, just like the rest of us, is here for the drama. 

After NBA superstar Kevin Durant officially requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday, speculation has run rampant as to where he will play next. 

On "NBA Today's" coverage of free agency on Thursday, analyst Kendrick Perkins was asked where he wanted to see Durant play next. 

"I had Philly ... but I like drama too," Perkins said. "And I'm going with Golden State. I'm going with Golden State, they will run it back. If they can find a way to do some type of trade that involves Andrew Wiggins and bring Kevin Durant back, I would love to see it. I think they would love to see it because we all know and they know, it's hard to win a championship, it is hard to defend going back into the following season. Because guess what, teams get better. Why not you?"

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Could a reunion be in-store for KD and the Warriors? Not likely, as Perkins alluded to, it would require Golden State to part with one of their stars, likely Andrew Wiggins. And that's only if the two sides have mutual interest in reuniting. 

Yahoo Sports NBA insider Chris Haynes reported on Thursday, citing league sources, that the Phoenix Suns are one of Durant's preferred trade destinations -- a Western Conference foe of the Warriors. 

Never say never, but as of right now it doesn't appear that Durant will be reuniting with the Warriors. 

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