Warriors' Klay Thompson should sit out two years, top knee doctor says


We’ve seen plenty of footage of Klay Thompson walking around enjoying his summer vacation, but according to one knee doctor, the Warriors star should sit out the next two years to ensure he returns to form.

Dr. Tim Hewett, who consulted the Mayo Clinic and has studied the biomechanics of the knee for years, published a study that concluded athletes who tear their ACL should not return to action for two years. 

It’s worth noting that Dr. Hewett has not done any kind of consulting or in-person evaluation of Thompson’s injury.

“Please do share that with Klay,” Dr. Hewett told Heavy.com. “This is not my opinion. People say to me, ‘Well, that is your opinion, there are other opinions.’ No, I deal in science and I deal in fact. People don’t like to hear it but it does not change the facts, and that facts are that you’re at risk for re-injury before two years and you won’t be the same player in the first year.”

Thompson suffered the injury in Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals, and both he and the Warriors have not committed to a firm timetable for his return to the court.

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Klay's father, Mychal, said this summer that he expects his son to be back on the court “late next season.”

While Warriors fans likely want to see Klay back in uniform as soon as possible, it's also imperative that he's 100 percent before he jumps back into a live NBA game.

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