Warriors assistant Mike Brown identifies ‘the tricky part' in preparing for the West Finals


On Tuesday night, the Warriors punched their ticket to the Western Conference Finals with their Game 5 victory over New Orleans.

How did the coaching staff celebrate?

"We had a couple of drinks in the office after the game. A beer or two. For me, I stick to my Vodka," assistant coach Mike Brown said on KNBR 680 on Wednesday. "We had a drink and we talked about the whole series and we talked a little bit about the upcoming series."

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Ah, yes. That upcoming series against the Houston Rockets -- which doesn't start until Monday.

How challenging is it to keep everybody focused and dialed in with Game 1 still over four days away?

"As coaches, the tricky part is -- how much do we do?" Brown answered. "It's obvious that they get a day off -- they don't even need to think about anything today so we keep them at home today.

"But then, we're gonna bring them in the next day -- do we practice the next day? And then the following day, do we need to have a scrimmage? So the tricky part is trying to find that nice healthy balance throughout this time "off" until your games, just making sure they stay in shape.

"But then you don't want to get guys hurt or risk injury. So that's the tricky part about having a lot of time between games."

Game 2 is on Wednesday and then Game 3 in Oakland is not until Sunday, May 20 -- so there will be another extended break once the series begins.

Drew Shiller is the co-host of Warriors Outsiders. Follow him on Twitter @DrewShiller

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