Steph Curry calls Raptors' defense ‘janky' after Warriors' Game 2 win


In the fourth quarter of Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the Toronto Raptors changed up their defensive game plan against the Golden State Warriors.

The Raptors went with a box-and-1 in an attempt to shut down Stephen Curry.

Curry was held scoreless over the final 12 minutes Sunday night in Toronto, and the Warriors were held to just 21 points in the final quarter, but Golden State still managed to pull out the thrilling win to even the NBA Finals at one game apiece.

Warriors forward Andre Iguodala hit the biggest shot of the night, a 3-pointer to seal the 109-104 win. Iguodala was left open on the wing because the Raptors swarmed Curry.

After the game, Curry was asked about the confidence he has in Iguodala, and he gave a pretty interesting answer.

"The whole fourth quarter, they were playing some janky defense, just trying to send bodies to me everywhere, and our whole roster just took advantage of it," Curry told ABC's Doris Burke. "Over the course of the game, it's kind of disrespectful to leave Andre Iguodala open like that with the game on the line. He's made big shots like that before, and he got it done tonight."

Curry's comments were brought to Raptors coach Nick Nurse’s attention during his postgame press conference.

"Well, we weren't disrespecting anybody," Nurse told the media. "We were up guarding hard, and we put two on Steph, and he almost threw it right to Kawhi [Leonard], right? It was pretty good defense, they were scrambling around, running around like crazy. And they found Iggy, right, and they found him, and like I said, if he's going to take that and give us a chance to get the ball back and win the game, we're going to probably live with that.

“It wasn't like we were disrespecting him and not trying to guard him. We were in a trap and rotating out of there, and again, I would like to go back and try that again about 10 times, and see if one of them doesn't go our way."

Nurse also admitted that the Raptors were trying to foul the Warriors before Iguodala's shot.

"We had a couple chances there on Draymond [Green], I think [Shaun] Livingston and then back to Draymond, and then Curry got it," Nurse said. "And we didn't want to foul, but we put a good blitz on him. We almost made him throw it away.

“And I think if they're going to take a shot and give you a chance there, I'm going to probably live with the one that ended up being taken. I'm going to probably roll with that.

"Probably we should have fouled before that, but like I said, he misses that, we call timeout, we go down with a chance to win the ball game unbelievably, somehow."

Curry, Iguodala and the Warriors head home with the NBA Finals tied, but they might be down a few more pieces. Klay Thompson and Kevon Looney both suffered injuries during the course of Game 2, and Kevin Durant still hasn't been cleared to play after missing the previous series.

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