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Andre shares incredible Steph golf story from Dubs road trip

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When NBA superstar Steph Curry is not shining on the basketball court, he enjoys spending time on the golf course.

But apparently, he can excel at both sports -- on the same day.

Curry's longtime Warriors teammate and NBA veteran Andre Iguodala recently shared an incredible story about a time when Curry displayed his multi-sport abilities during a road trip to Phoenix.

"We used to play a lot. We had a game in Phoenix, played at home at Oracle [Arena] on a Tuesday, left the same night and went to Phoenix," Iguodala explained on the "Par 3 Podcast." "We joked around like, 'Let's bring our clubs.' We had a back-to-back. So we didn't get to Phoenix until like 2 a.m., something happened weird with the plane. And you know when you land somewhere late, you still got to get your bags. We didn't get our bags until like 3, 3:30. We left the hotel around 7 [a.m.] because we had to be back for a team meeting at noon. And dude probably shot like one or two over like it was nothing. And I'm dead, I'm picking up half the holes like, 'I got it.' I'm just out here having fun.

"So I'm like, I'm not going to have a good game tonight. I'm knowing I'm not going to have a good game. But I'm like, 'Alright tonight I just got to lock in, make sure everybody's on their Ps and Qs, everybody's focused and ready to play. I just got to play hard, play defense and communicate. But if the ball comes to me, I'm swinging it.' Bro, Steph went for like 40. And every time he scored he would look at me and laugh. And he's like, 'If they only knew what we did today.' There's no way he's supposed to have that type of game off a back-to-back and we just played golf. But there's something wrong with that dude, it's weird."

Curry, a four-time NBA champion, nine-time All-Star, two-time MVP and the greatest 3-point shooter in league history, changed the game of basketball with his elite shooting and modern-day style of play.

But he recently carried his basketball success over into the golf world, winning the American Century Championship tournament last month for the first time.

It was one of his goals to win the ACC title as an active NBA player, and perhaps it wouldn't have been possible without some extra practice on the road.

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