Robinson signing a big-time reach by Warriors


The Warriors are poised to sign guard Nate Robinson, andits a move that will surely generate more buzz than it should.Robinson is an exciting and explosive player, and one who intheory could add some backcourt depth to the Warriors roster. But thats intheory, of course.The reality is that Robinson has been an issue most of theplaces he has been and he isnt the kind of player who can have a significantrole on a successful team. For goodness sakes, Sam Presti, one of the mostrespected general managers in the league, essentially paid Robinson 4 millionto NOT be a part of the Thunder.

In other words, Robinson didnt fit with a team vying for achampionship, but for some reason hell be a perfect fit with the Warriors.Thats a tough theory to get behind.In fairness to the Warriors, there might not be a guardavailable with any more talent than Robinson. But again, what does that tellyou? How can a player with so much talent and so much ability not be wanted byso many teams?Robinson can be a big-time scorer, and at times during hiscareer has been virtually impossible to guard in one-on-one situations. But hisshot selection is questionable and hes high volume. Defensively, he would seemto be exactly the kind of player coach Mark Jackson wouldnt have a need for:an I-me player not too interested in the defensive end of the floor.When things dont go Robinsons way, hes a distractionwaiting to happen. Robinson is also the kind of the player who will likely wanta bigger role than hes likely to get with the Warriors.How many minutes are there realistically when yourestarting backcourt is Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis? So, are you telling meRobinson will be happy with a limited role on Golden State? Ill believe thatwhen I see it.It seems apparent that one of two things is going to happenwith Robinson. Either he is going to be dissatisfied with his role and with hisminutes and hell start to become a problem or hell actually play well andtake playing time away from Curry.Either way, its not good.When the Warriors went out and signed Kwame Brown, tradedfor Brandon Rush and acquired Dominic McGuire, they were tangible moves thataddressed the teams defense.Robinson doesnt do that. Hes an offense first (only?)player and, rest assured, hell want to be a big part of that offense.Is Robinson talented? You bet. Is Robinson capable ofputting up big offensive numbers on occasion? Yes sir. But is this move areach? Youre darn right.

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