NBA rumors: Nets the front-runners to sign Kevin Durant in free agency


This probably isn't what Warriors fans want to read heading into the weekend.


The Nets are considered the front-runners to sign Kevin Durant in free agency.

Here is what ESPN's Brian Windhorst and Kendrick Perkins (a former teammate of KD) said Friday afternoon on "The Jump":

Windhorst: "The Nets are gaining confidence that they can pull this off [signing Durant and Kyrie Irving]. They've made three moves in the last week -- they're right there for a second [max salary] slot."

Perkins: "I think they're the front-runner. I absolutely do. I think they're the Nets the front-runner to land KD."

Windhorst: "He is not the only person involved with the NBA who has told me exactly that. I am not ruling out the Knicks at all."

Perkins: "I am not ruling out the Knicks, but I think the Nets are the front-runners, and people are not giving them the ... sources tell me that the Nets are the front-runner. We'll leave it at that."

Well, OK then.

Back in mid-April, Perkins said the following during an appearance on "The Jump":

"I asked him the other day for the first time. I'm like, 'Hey KD man, give me a little insight on what's going on. Is you leaving?'

"He's like, 'Hey Perk, you know we don't talk about that type of stuff man.' He kinda got in his feelings about it."

Perhaps KD is talking about that type of stuff now, or perhaps Perkins is getting his information elsewhere. It's notable that Martin O'Malley, the doctor who performed the surgery on Durant's ruptured right Achilles, is on the Nets' medical staff.

Multiple recent reports indicate that Kyrie to the Nets virtually is a lock at this point, and the point guard reportedly has been recruiting the two-time NBA Finals MVP for quite some time now.

On Thursday morning, Frank Isola of The Athletic wrote:

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, according to a league source, were planning a vacation at the end of the season; a quick getaway to spend quality time together and map out their respective futures.

Those plans – as well as the entire 2019-20 NBA season, really – changed dramatically when Durant’s Achilles ruptured in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. 

Clearly, the situation is fluid, and things can change between now and the start of free agency on June 30.

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