Kevin Durant admits he's thinking about one thing with NBA free agency


Nobody knows what Kevin Durant will do next summer, and that just might include him.

Back in 2016, he took meetings with six NBA franchises in The Hamptons, spread out over the course of a couple days. At 8:38 a.m. PT on July 4, he announced he would sign with the Warriors.

It's possible he and his team will do something similar in July, although that seems unlikely, based on some of the things he recently said.

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But based on his most up-to-date comments, one thing is in fact clear:

“I am thinking about the money I’m going to get,” Durant told Marcus Thompson of The Athletic on Wednesday night. “I never got the (massive) deal. I’ve just seen a bunch of dudes around the league making so much money — and I’m happy for them.

"But I know I deserve that, too. That’s the only thing I’m probably thinking about, to be honest.”

Durant's salaries with the Warriors the past three seasons:
2016-17 = $26.5 million
2017-18 = $25 million (he took nearly $10 million below his max)
2018-19 = $30 million (he took a little more than $5 million below his max to allow himself to be a free agent again next summer) 

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If the most important aspect of his decision is making the most money possible in a long-term contract, that favors the Warriors.

Based on the projected $109 million salary cap for the 2019-20 season, Golden State can offer the two-time NBA Finals MVP a five-year deal worth about $221 million.

The biggest contract he could sign with another franchise is about $164 million over four years.

But if Durant ends up choosing to go with another 1+1 contract, his max next season would be the same with the Warriors as it is with any other team -- a little over $38 million.

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If all of this is giving you a headache, just enjoy the game at Madison Square Garden on Friday night ...

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