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Draymond puts honest number on how many more seasons he wants to play

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It took a conversation with Paul Pierce for Draymond Green to share his retirement plans - and all of the contingencies around it. 

Speaking with Green on the latest episode of "The Draymond Green Show," the 46-year-old NBA champion and 10-time NBA All-Star insisted for the Warriors forward to share how he intends to bow out of his illustrious NBA career. 

“I’m in Year 12,” Green responded to Pierce when asked about career length. 

Pierce quickly followed up, asking Green how many more seasons he plans on playing. 

“Two, three more,” Green answered. 

But will Draymond announce his farewell season ahead of time? 

“Nah,” the 34-year-old noted. “Nah, I can’t because somebody’s going to do me like - like I said to you. And then… And then I’m f----d.” 

Back in 2017, in a game between the Warriors and Clippers, Pierce and Green engaged in a well-documented trash talk in which the Golden State star criticized the Los Angeles forward for his farewell season.

“I’m coming to them games and I’m [going to] yell the same thing you yelled to me,” Pierce jokingly told Green. 

Is there anything that would encourage the four-time NBA champion to announce his final season? 

“The only chance, the only chance my last year is announced [is] if that last year happens to coincide with [Steph Curry’s] last year, [Klay Thompson’s] last year," Green told Pierce. “And if that’s my last year? That’s my only chance that it gets announced. Because then I could ride Steph’s coattail on his farewell tour and act like it’s mine.” 

That’s one way for a future Hall of Fame candidate to hang up his sneakers.

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