Why ex-Giants GM Bobby Evans doesn't believe Bruce Bochy is done managing


“I can’t imagine him not being in another dugout."

Former Giants general manager Bobby Evans said recently on 95.7 The Game that he couldn't picture Bruce Bochy coaching any other team besides the Orange and Black.

While most of us agree, Evans adds to it saying that he believes he's got more left in the tank than we might realize. 

“Now, I don’t know if I’ll get a text message from his wife about this, but I just think he’s got so much energy and vigor that, maybe, 13 years in one place is a long time and going to a new place is how the game works now these days.”

Evans, who spent three seasons (2015-18) as the Giants' GM, did say a break would do Bochy well.

“But, I think, maybe with some time off, maybe without time off, his energy in that dugout and that clubhouse is going to be hard to not see it continue," Evans said.

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Bochy mentioned he possibly would continue managing, but in a different uniform as Team France's skipper in next spring's World Baseball Classic qualifier.

He just hasn't fully committed.

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