Why Webb is ‘super excited' Jimmy G is Raiders new QB


The Las Vegas Raiders kicked off the Jimmy Garoppolo era after introducing the veteran quarterback at a news conference on Friday. 

One of the more prominent Raiders fans is Giants ace Logan Webb, who is more than delighted to have Garoppolo now leading his beloved Silver and Black. 

"Yeah, I'm super excited," Webb said Friday on 95.7 The Game's "Willard & Dibs." "He's a proven winner. He wins a lot, and hopefully, he can stay healthy. I think when he's healthy and doing his thing, I think [Raiders coach Josh McDaniels] will have a good system for him. 

"And I'm excited to see that connection again. I think them two together will be pretty good, so I'm excited."

Webb then entered general manager mode, unintentionally, as the 24-year-old let his fandom come out. While the Giants ace was excited about the arrival of Garoppolo, he also wanted to see the Raiders improve in another area. 

"I'm hoping they go after some defense here soon, but we'll see," Webb continued. "I'm excited to have I'm not part of the team, but excited to watch Jimmy in the next couple of years, hopefully, longer than that if he does really well. And I'm hoping for that."

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Garoppolo remembered the five-and-a-half years in the Bay Area with fond memories as the 49ers went to three NFC Championship Games and Super Bowl LIV while he was on the team. 

Signing with Vegas presents a fresh start with a coach that knows him well as the 31-year-old attempts to re-establish himself as an NFL starting quarterback. 

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