Photos: Spectacular new renderings of A's waterfront ballpark


Editor's note: This story originally was published on Feb. 26, when these images were released. We are re-promoting after July 20's "yes" vote by the Oakland City Council on the term sheet for Howard Terminal Ballpark.Back on Feb. 26, the City of Oakland released its Draft Environment Impact Report on the A's proposed new ballpark at Howard Terminal. It was an important step in the A's plan of building the privately funded park.In addition to the report, the A's also released new and spectacular photo renderings of the ballpark. Check out some of the best shots below, courtesy of the A's.

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The waterfront access will include more than 18 acres of new waterfront parks and open areas. The waterfront community also will improve Oakland's resilience against the rise of sea level.

(photo via Oakland A's)


The privately financed project plans to reduce car transportation by 20 percent. Part of the plan will invest in bike safety and infrastructure as well as pedestrian walkways and bridges.

(photo via Oakland A's)


“We employ thousands of Oakland and Alameda County residents, and local businesses, the City, and County derive significant economic benefits and revenue from our games," A's president Dave Kaval said. 

(photo via Oakland A's)


In addition to the ballpark, the A's say they will propose to have 3,000 homes in the area which includes affordable housing.  

(photo via Oakland A's)


Directly outside the ballpark itself, there's a play area that would feature shaded places to watch the games as well playgrounds for children. 

(photo via Oakland A's)


You also can see San Francisco from the park just across the bay. 

(photo via Oakland A's)


The columns around the park ramps are similar to those at the Oakland Coliseum.

(photo via Oakland A's)


There is a ton of space to sit on grassy areas with plenty of vegetation to add that extra, comfortable touch. 

(photo via Oakland A's)


There are plenty of beautiful views from the Port of Oakland at Jack London Square, where the A's have hosted Fan Fest in previous years. 

(photo via Oakland A's)


An overview rendering of the ballpark with a slightly wrapped-around scoreboard/jumbotron. 

(photo via Oakland A's)

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