Raiders beef up defensive line, sign second-round pick P.J. Hall


The Raiders completed second-round defensive tackle PJ Hall's rookie deal done on Sunday morning, locking the Sam Houston State alum down on a standard four-year contract.

Hall will get paid commiserate with his draft slot. The NFL uses a rookie wage scale that pays each player slightly less than the guy drafted before him.

According to sports salary site, the No. 57 overall pick will $4.725 million over the life of the deal, including a $1.596 signing bonus and carries an $859,201 salary-cap hit

Hall was surprised to go in the second round, but the Raiders wanted to make sure he ended up wearing silver and black. He’s an explosive inside pass rusher and run stopper, with surprising athleticism for someone so big.

His small-school background stands as the primary knock against him. He compiled shocking stats against FCS competition, leaving some to wonder whether he can compete against pro football’s best. The Raiders aren’t worried about it. Hall isn’t, either.

“It’s just something I have to handle,” Hall said. “I’m ready for it. I don’t fear anything. I’m ready for what comes here and ready to attack everything.”

He’s certainly ready to attack the weight room, but it’s hard to say he needs to gain strength. He squatted 700 pounds in the video shown below.

The Raiders also signed sixth-round linkebacker Azeem Victor on Saturday. 

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