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Thunder's Adams: Draymond has ‘peaked with annoyingness'


Draymond Green is very demonstrative on the court and is known for wearing his emotions on his sleeves.

When asked if Draymond is being more pesky and annoying in the series against the Thunder, Steven Adams didn't hold back.

"I think he's peaked with annoyingness," Adams told reporters.

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Midway through the second quarter of Game 2, Draymond took a rebound and dribbled down the floor.

He attacked the basket and scored on Adams. In the process, Adams was the recipient of a knee below the belt.

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Draymond yelled "And one!" and appeared to have some words for Adams, who was bent over in pain.

Earlier in the game, Festus Ezeli went for a rebound and landed on Adams' back. It took a while for Adams to get up off the ground, and he walked gingerly to the sideline.

How is his body feeling now?

"It was painful, mate. Painful one," he told reporters on Friday. "Just trying to recover (smiling)."

What hurts?

"I won't name it, but I'm still a man," Adams answered as several media members laughed. "That's all that matters (chuckling). That's all I was concerned about. So that one's fine."




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