Steph dunked over by Underrated Tour camper, posts great video


Steph Curry put his well-being in the hands of one of his Underrated Tour campers, and the Warriors' superstar lived to post about it.

Late Saturday night, Curry shared a video he recorded himself of hooper Bez Jenkins jumping over him for a wild dunk.

Based on Curry's video, it appears Jenkins needed two tries to nail the dunk contest-worthy jam.

The alternate camera angles show Curry standing his ground as Jenkins scales him.

Curry's phone appeared to take the brunt of the dunk, but clearly, it was functioning enough to allow him to post the epic point-of-view video.

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If Jonathan Kuminga ever wants to enter the Dunk Contest at NBA All-Star weekend, he should steal a page out of Jenkins' book and try to dunk over Curry.

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