Patrick Patterson tattles on Steph Curry for celebrating with Quinn Cook


No one likes a tattletale.

The Oklahoma City Thunder saw their season come to an end in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, when they were vanquished in five games by the Portland Trail Blazers.

Those Blazers went on to lose to the Warriors in the Western Conference finals, who evened up the NBA Finals at one game apiece with a victory in Game 2 on Sunday night.

Towards the end of that critical victory, Stephen Curry got a little excited.

Well, more like a lot excited.

While Curry was on the bench during the opening minutes of the fourth quarter, fellow point guard Quinn Cook drained a much-needed 3-pointer from the right wing in front of the Raptors' bench area, and Curry rushed over to congratulate him.

The only problem? Cook was still on the Raptors' side of the court.

Curry was about to check in to the game at the next stoppage, so he was already by the scorer's table when Cook released his shot. Probably sensing a Toronto timeout, it appeared Curry assumed there was a break in the action.

Nope. You don't see that every day.

Which brings us back to the tattletale, and the Thunder.

Oklahoma City power forward Patrick Patterson witnessed the odd occurrence on the live broadcast, and immediately took to Twitter to try to out Curry for what he perceived to be an illegal action.

There is an NBA rule that stipulates players aren't allowed to leave the bench area during an altercation, but clearly, that doesn't apply here.

The Warriors were also the focus of Patterson's most recent tweet prior to that one, so maybe -- just maybe -- this is a case of sour grapes from a player that would rather still be playing in the postseason than sitting at home watching it.

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