Luka Doncic has message for Devin Booker after heated exchange


Things got heated near the end of Sunday's Suns-Mavericks showdown in Dallas.

Luka Doncic fouled Kevin Durant after missing a potential game-tying floater in the final seconds. Following the foul, Devin Booker appeared to be saying something to a referee when Doncic went over to the Suns guard and got in his face.

The two stars exchanged words face-to-face before being separated.

Booker then got into it with Kyrie Irving as the two teams were making their way to the other end of the floor.

While Doncic downplayed the dustup postgame, he also had a message for Booker.

“It’s a competitive game. It’s all good," Doncic told reporters after Dallas' 130-126 loss. "Next time, don’t wait until there’s three seconds left to talk."

Doncic believed Booker was talking to him initially based on what the Suns star said. Booker, however, claimed otherwise.

"I was talking to the ref," Booker said. "[Doncic] said something to me first and I responded. You guys say you don't want everyone to be friendly, friendly. There you go. We got some smoke."

Booker added that he has no issues with Doncic.

"It's just two competitors going at it," Booker said. "Everybody speaks on how friendly the NBA is now and they don't like that. I have no problem with Luka on or off the court. But when we're competing, we're competing."

There's certainly no love lost when these two teams meet following last season's playoffs. Doncic and the Mavs bounced the No. 1-seeded Suns from the conference semifinals with a stunning Game 6 beatdown in Phoenix.

With ex-teammates Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant now in the picture, here's to hoping they square off again this postseason.

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