How Kerr envisions Iguodala's role with Warriors next season


Steve Kerr was at the Olympics in Tokyo when Andre Iguodala announced he would be returning to the Warriors.

And it's fair to say that the Warriors' head coach is as excited as anybody in the organization to have the 2015 NBA Finals MVP back with Golden State.

"I think when we lost him, we lost a piece of our soul," Kerr told The Athletic's Tim Kawakami on Wednesday morning. "And we knew that when we lost him.

"Andre’s return is huge in a lot of different ways. First, he’s still got plenty to offer, as he showed in Miami the last two seasons. So his addition on the court will be huge for us.

"And second, he just embodies everything we’re about — versatility, sacrifice, the clear defining of roles, the mentoring that he brings for the younger guys. You throw all that into the equation and Andre is just an enormous addition for us."

How many minutes will Iguodala play? Will he suit up for both games in a back-to-back? Might he rest for a week here and a week there throughout the season? What position is he going to play?

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"Andre can play any role for us," Kerr told Kawakami. "I anticipate that we will be working with him and our training staff to navigate the season the best way we can to make sure he’s ready for the playoffs. Whatever that means from a minutes standpoint, from a rest standpoint, we’ll figure all that stuff out.

"But that’s the beauty of Andre, you can plug him in at any position and he’ll help you win."

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