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Draymond: If Jones gets suspended, ‘they may not even notice'


OAKLAND – After leaving his fingerprints all over a 106-98 Warriors win over the Clippers on Sunday afternoon, Draymond Green was rewarded with some national TV exposure.

Clippers reserve Dahntay Jones evidently wanted some of the same, even though did not play at all.

As Green was on the court for a postgame interview with ABC-TV's Lisa Salters, Jones approached from the rear and appeared to glance in Green's direction before using his right biceps to bump Green's left elbow.

Green, temporarily distracted, did an annoyed double-take over his left shoulder to see Jones walking toward the tunnel that leads to the visiting team's locker room at Oracle Arena.

"It kind of caught me by surprise," Green said. "I was just kind of curious. Did he do it on purpose or not? Then I saw the replay, where he looked at me, started talking, then looked at me again out of the corner of his eye and walked right into me...

"I think he wanted a reaction from me. But he don't play. Me getting suspended, and him getting suspended, . . . it's different.

"If he gets suspended they may not even notice."

Green, pointing in the sillines of such an act on national TV, said he expects the matter to be reviewed by the NBA.

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