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Aiyuk hilariously goes undercover as Applebee's employee

NBC Universal, Inc. “49ers Talk” hosts Matt Maiocco and Jennifer Lee Chan discuss how the Stefon Diggs trade package impacts Brandon Aiyuk’s future with the San Francisco 49ers.

While many NFL players take some time to vacation during the offseason, 49ers wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk has picked up a new side job: Applebee’s waiter.

On the latest episode of the Whistle series “Undercover Athlete,” Aiyuk spent the day working as a waiter at an Applebee’s location. The partnership between the restaurant chain and the 49ers wideout was to promote the new "Whole Lotta Bacon Burger" menu item.

Taking the pseudonym "Gerald" and putting on some large fake glasses, the 26-year-old learned the ropes from his manager before going out on the floor and taking drink and food orders.

Aiyuk had plenty of humorous football antics as well, calling his coworkers over for a mock huddle and blowing a tiny plastic whistle in between taking orders. Throughout the interactions, patrons continued to remark that he looked familiar and that they had seen his face at some point before.

Eventually, some diners caught on to who he was and requested selfies with him, astonished that someone of Aiyuk’s stature would be working as a waiter. A few of the patrons figured out that there probably were cameras around, before noticing them and realizing everything was being filmed.  

The 26-year-old eventually did chow down on a Whole Lotta Bacon Burger, raving about its taste and flavor profile.

Finally, Aiyuk received a special Employee of the Month award from the Applebee’s staff, capping another hilarious and entertaining episode in the series.

The star wide receiver and the 49ers have been at odds with each other this offseason as they work through contract extension negotiations, with some cryptic social media posts suggesting that Aiyuk is unhappy with his current situation in San Francisco.

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