2024 Paris Olympics

Where will sport climbing take place at the 2024 Paris Olympics?

Sport climbing, as the Olympics calls it, is entering its second-ever Games

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Paris is known for many things: art, culture, food and romance. But not it is not known for mountain climbing.

So where will the climbing competitions for the 2024 Olympics take place?

Let's take a closer look at sport climbing for the Olympics this summer:

Where will climbing take place for the 2024 Olympics?

Climbing will take place around four miles from the Olympic Village at the Le Bourget Sport Climbing Venue in Bourget, France, a city in the northeast suburbs of Paris.

What will the 2024 Olympics climbing venue feature?

The Le Bourget venue will have five climbing walls, with one indoors for warming up, three outdoors for competition and another outdoor wall for warming up.

The venue will also have a spectator capacity of 6,000 people, with 3,000 seats and standing room for another 3,000 people.

What climbing competitions will take place at the 2024 Olympics?

Officially known as sport climbing, mountain climbing is still a relatively new competition at the Olympics, having made its debut at the 2020 Tokyo Games.

There are two formats climbers can compete in at the Olympics. One is boulder and lead, and the other is speed.

During the boulder part of boulder and lead, athletes climb a 4.5m wall with no ropes in a limited amount of time. The number of attempts before successfully completing the wall is scored.

In the lead portion, athletes will climb as high as they can up a wall more than 15m high for six minutes. The athletes also do not see the wall ahead of time for this event.

During the speed competition, climbers are pitted one-on-one against each other and race up to the top of a 15m high wall with a five degrees incline. According to the Olympic rules, the best male athletes scale the wall within six seconds and the best female athletes reach the top in seven seconds.

When will climbing competitions at the 2024 Olympics take place?

Boulder and lead climbing competitions will take place between Aug. 5-10, and the speed competitions will take place between Aug. 5-8.

Sport climber Brooke Raboutou tried to see how well she knows miming, the popular French art dating back to the 16th century.

How can people watch climbing for the 2024 Olympics?

All competitions for the 2024 Paris Olympics will be streamed on Peacock, and much of the action will air on NBC and its partner TV stations during the entire Olympic Games, set to take place from July 26-Aug. 11.

What will the climbing venue be used for after the 2024 Olympics?

The Le Bourget Sport Climbing Venue has been promised to become a venue for local athletics in the French department of Seine-Saint-Denis once the Olympics are over.

The indoor facilities at the facility "will be able to be used on a daily basis by local clubs, associations and residents," according to the Paris Olympics website.

The outdoor walls will also be stored and can be redeployed at certain events to benefit local athletics in France.

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