Why Quinn believes Sharks' Karlsson should win Norris Trophy


San Jose Sharks head coach David Quinn made his case for Erik Karlsson winning the Norris Trophy yesterday.

“I think a big piece of it is what is your elite quality?” Quinn asked, rhetorically, when comparing Karlsson to 2021 Norris Trophy winner Adam Fox, who he coached in New York. “When Foxy won the Norris Trophy, his elite quality was his offensive side of it, but through the course of that season, he became an elite defender as well. There was a double whammy.

“With Karl, his elite quality is so elite.”

Quinn is referring to Karlsson’s offense.

Rachel Doerrie of The Hockey News wrote an excellent piece yesterday, highlighting how Karlsson has lapped the field and should be given the “McDavid treatment” in deference to how far ahead both leaders are to their positional runner-ups.

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