Couture frustrated with NHL lockout


Logan Couture is frustrated.

The NHL lockout reached its 67th day on Wednesday, and despite several meetings this week, the two sides remain at an impasse in labor negotiations. The players association made a proposal earlier in the day on Wednesday, which included an immediate 50-50 split of hockey-related revenue, but it was rejected by the league.

The NHL's owners, represented by commissioner Gary Bettman, are still insisting on new rules restricting future contracts, and have not shown a willingness to move off of their offer of 211 million to "make whole" existing deals.

There are no immediate plans for the two sides to reconvene.

Couture, currently playing in Switzerland, took to his Twitter account to voice his displeasure as talks broke down once again.
I, like all of you, first and foremost am a HUGE hockey fan. I live and breathe the game. Have since I was 3. It hurts to see this happen to Logan Couture (@Logancouture) November 21, 2012The best game on earth. The best athletes and the best fans in the world. The players are doing the best we can to return this game to the Logan Couture (@Logancouture) November 21, 2012Ice. But, it takes two to make a deal. It just seems the other side isn't willing to make it work. It hurts. Logan Couture (@Logancouture) November 21, 2012

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