Seahawks safety Earl Thomas gives the bird to sideline after broken leg


Earl Thomas and the Seattle Seahawks weren't on the best terms entering this weekend -- and they certainly aren't now.

Thomas sat out the majority of the preseason while seeking a new contract, but he returned to Seahawks camp without a new deal on Sept. 5. Then he wrote on Instagram that "the disrespect has been well noted and will not be forgotten."

That was before the safety fractured his left leg during Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals. 

Thomas was carted off the field with an air cast supporting his injured leg, and he lifted his middle finger in the direction of the Seattle sideline to make his feelings known. 

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll told reporters after the game that he did not "know anything about that."

"It's a big stadium," he added.

Thomas is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent in 2019, and this injury likely will affect his chances at a big payday. After Sunday, it's a bit harder to envision him back in Seattle. 

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