Why Riddick thinks Seahawks should be ‘all over' Jimmy G if cut


Jimmy Garoppolo’s future at quarterback for the 49ers remains uncertain, but if he isn’t traded, he could be released from the team.

If that happens, ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick believes the Seattle Seahawks should jump at the chance to sign their NFC West rival’s veteran signal-caller.

“The 49ers are not going to trade Jimmy Garoppolo to the Seattle Seahawks in the division,” Riddick said on “NFL Live” last week (h/t 49ers Webzone). “But when they cut him, and it sounds like they will cut him eventually, I would be all over that. All over it if I’m the Seattle Seahawks.”

After trading Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos this offseason, the Seahawks received Drew Lock in return and are left with him, Geno Smith and Jacob Eason as their only options under center. 

With that perspective in mind, a quarterback with a Super Bowl appearance and nearly a second in two out of the last three seasons must look enticing. Riddick believes Garoppolo’s talents could fit in well with Seattle’s offensive scheme should San Francisco be unable to find a trade partner. 

“Why? … That offense, very similar in terms of constructs, in terms of philosophy, that Kyle Shanahan runs out in San Francisco,” Riddick continued. “That's an offense that's tailor-made for Jimmy G's style. A little bit run-centric, play-action-pass-centric, some quarterback movement. But don't get it twisted. Jimmy G's not a guy who's out on the perimeter, throwing the football that way.”

It’s true that Garoppolo doesn’t possess the same abilities as Wilson, but he’s a viable option for a team looking to win now -- especially one like Seattle that’s bursting at the seams with playmakers on offense.

“But this is a guy who, when he is on, and the running game is strong, and he's got protection, he can throw as pretty of a pass as anyone in the NFL,” Riddick said. “And with some of the weapons that they have out there, when you think of Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, Noah Fant, two good running backs, just drafted two book-end offensive tackles, building up the defense, Jimmy G is like the piece they're missing.”

It certainly would sting for fans to see Garoppolo in a Seahawks uniform, but the San Francisco front office could benefit greatly from cutting him if they can’t trade him.

With players like Deebo Samuel and Nick Bosa due for lucrative contract extensions, the extra $25.5 million in instant cap savings the 49ers would see after releasing Garoppolo should soften the blow of another team like Seattle being able to swoop him up.

Because as Riddick said, the 49ers likely would never trade him to the Seahawks.

And if Garoppolo did somehow end up on the other side of the rivalry, he would be in a good position to succeed.

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“Seattle is setting the table for some quarterback in the next year or two -- if it’s not Drew Lock or Geno Smith, which it ain’t going to be,” Riddick said. “If it’s not one of those two, someone’s going to inherit a football team that has quietly set themselves up.

“Jimmy G would be perfect, to me, for that. And if he becomes free, because they’re not going to trade him to them, I’d be all over that like that. Quickly.”

Shanahan said near the end of May that he still expects the 49ers to trade Garoppolo before the start of the season, but that notion continues to look less and less likely until more suitors emerge. And early last week, the 49ers coach told reporters he envisions the quarterback showing up to training camp if he isn't traded before then.

As the saga continues, Garoppolo on the Seahawks is one hypothetical scenario the 49ers Faithful could do without.

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