What Aiyuk gifted 49ers cameraman after celebration mishap


SANTA CLARA — Wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk had something special for 49ers senior video producer Nick Schebetta at the team’s headquarters on Wednesday.

Yes, it was a football.

But this time, the delivery was a lot less painful.

“We’re good,” Aiyuk told NBC Sports Bay Area after he presented Schebetta with the second of his two touchdown footballs from the 49ers’ 38-10 victory Monday night over the Arizona Cardinals in Mexico City.

Aiyuk scored on a 13-yard touchdown pass from Jimmy Garoppolo late in the third quarter. He celebrated by firing the ball through the back of the end zone.

Aiyuk did not intend to hit anyone with his throw. But the ball struck Schebetta, who was taking video while in a kneeling position.

The ball traveled dangerously close to a specific sensitive portion of Schebetta’s torso. Luckily, he adjusted his position ever so slightly and avoided a situation that could have been far more serious.

Schebetta narrowly escaped a generational kind of injury, and Aiyuk clearly felt bad about his misguided missile.

Meanwhile, coach Kyle Shanahan had a different reaction.

“It was hilarious,” Shanahan said. “I thought it was very funny. Glad he wasn't hurt, but I'm glad B.A. handled it right.

“Shows he's a caring person. He wasn't too amped up. It kind of ruined his touchdown dance, but I think he felt bad about it.”

Aiyuk said it would have been far worse if the ball would have hit somebody he did not know. Schebetta has been with the 49ers since 2017. 

“You don’t want to hit anybody,” Brandon Aiyuk said. “I’m just glad it was one of our own. It was easier to track him down because he’s right here with us.”

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Schebetta’s Monday was already bad enough because he was dealing with a case of food poisoning.

Now, at least, he has quite the memento from the team’s -- and his -- memorable trip to Mexico City.

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