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Shanahan says QB scouting process began after 2020 season


Nobody likes to work while on vacation, except in the NFL, work never takes a day off if you're a head coach. 

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan joined the Rich Eisen Show to discuss the team drafting North Dakota State QB Trey Lance with the No. 3 overall pick Thursday night. 

“We had a vacation through January, unfortunately," Shanahan said. "It means you weren’t in the playoffs. So I just went down to a beach house where I got my film and I just watched quarterbacks for a month."

The 49ers went into the offseason looking to upgrade at the QB position and decided to get aggressive after trades for veterans didn't pan out

"To feel the way that I did, especially about [Alabama QB Mac Jones] and then about Trey [Lance] and where we were at and what happened with [Matthew Stafford] and [Deshaun Watson] we knew early that ‘Hey, we need to be aggressive so that we get one,’ and ‘Where was that spot?’ We looked into all of the others. We looked into the fourth pick, we looked into the fifth pick, and the third one was the one that had the most chance to move a month in advance."

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Trading up to No. 3 so early was a move that the 49ers felt they needed to make, and Shanahan believes that if they hadn't, another team would have.

"I actually believe that if we wouldn’t have, somebody else was going to eventually and that price is only going to go up. That was a decision that we all had to make. Me, John [Lynch], Jed [York], and once we did we never really looked back, and what changed was I think the feeling of when you go through that stuff."

Before the trade up, the 49ers really liked both Lance and Jones and would have been thrilled to pick them at No. 12 but realized that the chances of that happening were slim. They knew they wanted a QB, but didn't know if they would be able to snag one. 

"At 12 you see two guys on tape like ‘Man if either of these guys were there I would for sure take them. And you know what there are other guys I would take at twelve, so there’s probably five.’ Then we get up to a spot that is high, and I know for sure that we’re going to get one. Before we did that, I knew for sure that we wanted one."

The 49ers have their guy, and from here on out, they will look to prove themselves right as Lance aims to become the newest face of the franchise. 

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