Shanahan proud of Ryans for declining second Vikings interview


DeMeco Ryans is in high demand following a season where he produced one of the top defenses in the league. 

The 49er's defensive coordinator was set to have his second interview with the Minnesota Vikings for their head coaching vacancy this week. But while the team was headed back to the facility in Santa Clara, Kyle Shanahan received a text. 

“DeMeco didn’t tell us before, he told us on the bus, after we got back from L.A,” Shanahan said. “I was kind of messing with him on the loud speaker and he just sent a text up to me that he had declined it. That’s DeMeco.” 

Ryans not only has been praised by his head coach, but also by his players. Fred Warner, Nick Bosa and Ark Armstead are just a few 49ers players who have discussed publicly how they feel the coordinator adapted to his first year in the role. 

Shanahan believes that Ryans is already a qualified candidate to lead a franchise like his predecessor, New York Jets coach Robert Saleh. Shanahan, however, is pleased that Ryans has decided to stay with the club for another season. 

“I’m proud of him for doing it,“ Shanahan said. “Minnesota is a great place but DeMeco is a stud. DeMeco is going to be a head coach. He’s too good not to be, whether it’s this year, whether it’s next year, whether it’s any time. 

“DeMeco is going to be a head coach and I think helps all people the more experience you get at every position. It only helps you, makes you more prepared for when you get that moment. Not to say if he wanted it this year and he’s ready but he’s only going to get stronger every year that he coaches regardless of what he is coaching.” 

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After winning seasons, Shanahan has seen coaches get poached from his staff, and the 49ers' run to the NFC Championship Game has brought opportunities to more than just Ryans. Shanahan confirmed that offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel will have his second interview on Thursday with the Miami Dolphins for their head coaching vacancy.  

“I obviously don’t want to lose Mike,” Shanahan said. “I think people made a bigger deal about Mike this year because he had the title all by himself but Mike did the same thing this year he has been doing the last four or five years.”  

Prior to his role as defensive coordinator for the 49ers, Ryans spent four seasons with the club as quality control and inside linebackers coach. Shanahan believes the former linebacker’s leadership and experience as a player has made him a very effective coach very quickly. 

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