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Sherman dunks on Parsons for criticism of Cowboys haters

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Micah Parsons wants the media to ease up on its criticism of the Dallas Cowboys.

Richard Sherman will not oblige.

Parsons and the Cowboys received plenty of criticism for their performance in an ugly 42-10 loss to the 49ers in Week 5, but when Dallas ended up beating the Los Angeles Chargers and the 49ers and Philadelphia Eagles lost to inferior opponents in Week 6, Parsons called on the media to critique the other two NFC powerhouses the same way it did the Cowboys one week prior.

Former 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman was asked on Wednesday's episode of "Undisputed" if he had a problem with Parsons' plea.

"I've got a problem with it, Skip. I've got a problem with it," Sherman said. "He doesn't want to get bashed by the media. I've got a very simple solution for you, brother. Don't get beat by 32 (points) on prime time. You won't get bashed by anybody. You win that game, nobody (will bash you).

"If you lose that game by seven (points), nobody will really bash you. They'll say 'Hey, you all got beat, it is what it is, you played well.' If you get a sack in that game, they say 'Hey, Micah Parsons played well, he did his thing, had a huge impact on the game.' If Dak Prescott throws three, four touchdowns in that game, they're not criticizing Dak Prescott, they're saying 'Hey, Dak Prescott played a really good game, strong game.' "

Sherman believes because of how bad the Cowboys played under the bright lights of "Sunday Night Football" and their Week 3 loss to the lowly Arizona Cardinals, that criticism not only is valid but warranted.

"Something else is the reason they lost that game.' That's not what happened, your defense gave up 42, and Dak Prescott threw three interceptions," Sherman added. "The criticism was necessary and warranted. It's very difficult to compliment a team that gets beat 42-10 on prime time. Regardless of who the team is. I apologize Micah Parsons we did not have positive things to say about your 42-10 loss and then your other loss also was by double-digits to a team that's only won one game this season. It's hard to find positive things to say and you say the energy needs to be the same."

Parsons and the Cowboys (4-2) currently are the fifth seed in the NFC and still are in an excellent position to make the playoffs. However, many believe that while Dallas is a good team, their losses to the Cardinals and 49ers are evidence they do not belong in the same tier as the 49ers and Eagles.

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