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Florio dials back Brock ‘Turdy' comments, instead praises 49ers QB

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Mike Florio made waves recently when he claimed that Brock Purdy would not be viewed as a franchise quarterback due to his last name resembling the word 'Turdy'.

On a recent appearance with 95.7 The Game's "The Morning Roast," Florio scaled back his comments while offering praise for the way Purdy has played to begin his NFL career.

"And look, when I first saw his name, I did think that's not really a quarterback name," Florio said. "But when you play well, all of a sudden, what doesn't look like a quarterback name becomes a quarterback name."

Purdy has done more than play well, winning each of his first eight regular-season starts, while the 49ers' offense has averaged 32.5 points in each of those contests.

Currently ranking in the top five of multiple statistical categories, Purdy has caught Florio's attention and he believes the 49ers quarterback has a legitimate path to being a contender for the NFL MVP award this season.

"Based upon what they've [the 49ers] done so far this year, he's [Purdy] checking those boxes," Florio said. "And if there's a team of destiny in the NFC, it feels like the 49ers. And if there's a team of destiny in the AFC, it feels like the Dolphins.

"Now, if it comes down to those two teams as the one seed[s], Tua [Tagovailoa] is probably the MVP. But there's still a chance that Brock Purdy is going to get some serious consideration if he presides over this team, has good numbers, and the 49ers end up the one seed in the NFC. And right now, I would say they're the most likely team in the NFC to be the one seed."

Florio then went on to explain that if the 49ers can maintain stability at the quarterback position, a Super Bowl championship should arrive soon.

"If they could just stabilize the quarterback position and have that quarterback step up and make a big throw in a big spot, it's a Super Bowl championship for the San Francisco 49ers, and it could come as soon as this year," Florio said.

Since taking over as the starter, Purdy has offered about as much stability as the 49ers could have hoped for. Whether or not he will be the guy to deliver the big throw in a big spot, as Florio mentioned, remains to be seen. However, it's not difficult to believe Purdy is capable of becoming that player.

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