Lance provides update on recovery, shares offseason goals


SANTA CLARA — For Trey Lance, the start of the offseason will mean much of the same for the young 49ers quarterback -- simply getting healthier each day

“Definitely for these next four weeks I just want to make sure I’m getting to 100 percent,” Lance said Tuesday. “You know, exactly where they want me, exactly where I feel like more of myself.” 

It has been a long season of recovery for the 22-year-old after a he suffered season-ending injury in Week 2 of the 2022 NFL season. Lance underwent a second surgery to remove hardware from his foot that was causing irritation against the soft tissue in the area. 

During the NFC Championship Game on Sunday in Philadelphia, Lance was on the field, still wearing a protective walking boot on his injured foot. But the North Dakota State product report that his progress is on schedule. 

“I feel like I’m in a real good spot,” Lance said. “I’ve been throwing. Obviously, just happy standing. I haven’t put cleats on yet, but tons of stuff. I feel like I have a much better plan this offseason. I said the same thing last season, but even more as the years go on, I’ll get better and better just knowing what they want from me.” 

Lance added that he hadn’t his final meeting with coach Kyle Shanahan yet, but he isn't worried about what the plan in the quarterbacks room will be. The focus simply will be on getting healthier and showing the staff what he is capable of on the field.

Lance stated definitively that he doesn’t listen to all of the outside noise, and worries only about what he can control. Nothing outside of 49ers headquarters will influence how he approaches the offseason. 

“Same situation that it has been for me the last two years, and really my whole life,” Lance said. “Still the same mindset. I don’t read your guys' articles, unfortunately for you. I’m sorry, but I know people do. That’s part of this job and it’s part of this business.

“I’m just worried about what these guys think in this locker room, what the coaches think, what the people in this organization think. Anything outside of that is totally out of my control, so I don’t know why I would let that have an impact on me.”

With the health of both Brock Purdy and Lance uncertain as the 49ers head into the offseason, Shanahan and the front office will not be able to make any decisions on who will be under center in 2023 -- at least for now. 

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