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Shanahan believes 49ers QB Purdy playing at high level during skid

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Brock Purdy's recent string of second-half interceptions has become a prevailing talking point throughout the 49ers' three-game losing streak.

After not committing a single turnover through the first five weeks of the 2023 NFL season, the 49ers' quarterback has thrown five interceptions over the last three games.

During a conversation with Greg Papa on NBC Sports Bay Area's "49ers Game Plan," Kyle Shanahan detailed why Purdy's late-game interceptions shouldn't overshadow his entire body of work.

"When it comes down to it, he's had some big turnovers at the end of games," Shanahan told Papa. "I do think he played well in those games, but Brock would be the first to tell you [that] when you turn it over at the end of games, everyone is going to look at that's what happened, which is what happened. But when I say he played well, I think Brock was the reason we had a chance to win those games. Not everything was perfect and he was playing at a high level and got us back into it.

"Then, he made a few mistakes at the end. But when I look back at them, they're not really bad interceptions to where he's gotten lucky a bunch. I could see why all of them happened. The one in the Cincy game just, he made a mistake not handing it off. Then that linebacker really made a hell of a play. He was throwing it to a guy, which we would have got a penalty for because linemen were downfield because it was a run play. But I thought that linebacker made a hell of a play."

Shanahan also explained that despite turnovers always being problematic, he was encouraged with Purdy's process even if the results were not ideal.

"And then the ones he's done kind of at the end of games, I feel he's trying to get us back into it," Shanahan shared. "But I like his process; I like how he sees everything. When he talks, he knows exactly what happened. I love the risks he does take. That's why he does make plays. But he's got to be smart with those because you take too many of those [and] you keep both teams in the game, and he's been very good about not doing that during his two years with us.

"And we got to make sure that our team can help him better I think so doesn't have to be as risky in those situations. But when he is, obviously can't turn it over. Hard to win when you turn it over. You look at their stats, you look at our stats and wins and losses; it almost is as simple as turnovers. That's what the stats have been for all of time."

Despite the recent uptick in turnovers, Purdy still ranks among the NFL's best quarterbacks in a handful of statistical categories this season.

The 49ers' quarterback is first in the NFL at 9.1 yards per attempt and second in the league with a QBR of 75. Purdy is tied with Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa for the highest passer rating in the league at 105.4.

With two weeks to reset since San Francisco's last game, Purdy will get his first chance to reestablish his early season form when the 49ers take on the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday at EverBank Stadium.

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