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Why Juszczyk watches as much Dolphins football as possible

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SANTA CLARA — Seven-time Pro Bowl fullback Kyle Juszczyk established a close bond with Mike McDaniel during their five seasons together with the 49ers.

McDaniel is making history in his second year as head coach of the Miami Dolphins after spending five seasons as 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan’s top offensive assistant.

McDaniel might be all the way across the country, but Juszczyk remains very much in touch with him.

“Honestly, I watch every one of their games just because I know it’s so similar to our offense,” Juszczyk said on the latest "49ers Talk" podcast. “I like to see what they’re doing and how they use their fullback and see if there’s anything from their games and McDaniel’s approach of attacking the defense that I can add to my own (game).”

With a free Sunday after playing on Thursday night, Juszczyk watched in amazement as the Dolphins rolled up 726 yards of total offense in a 70-20 demolition of Sean Payton's Denver Broncos on Sunday.

“It’s kind of funny,” Juszczyk said of McDaniel, “he’s a run game guy, and he was a run game coordinator, and all they do is throw the ball.

“Outside of the 70-point game ... they throw the ball a lot.”

McDaniel is known for his innovative run schemes, but the Dolphins ranked tied for 25th in the NFL last season with an average of 99.2 yards rushing per game.

“All it says is McDaniel gets the most out of his players and he’ll play to their strengths,” Juszczyk said. “He’s not going to force his scheme.

“He’s going to find whatever his guys do the best and how they can be most successful with those strengths, and he’ll change his offense to that.”

On Sunday, Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa led a passing offense that accounted for 376 yards rushing. The Dolphins also had their way on the ground with 350 yards rushing.

The Dolphins (3-0) have a big AFC East matchup on Sunday at the Buffalo Bills (2-1).

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