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Funny Edelman-Shanahan bathroom exchange shows coach's football obsession

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Football never stops for NFL head coaches. 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan is no exception.

During Sunday's episode "FOX NFL Sunday," former Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman shared a hilarious story about how his admiration for Shanahan grew after a chance encounter with the 49ers coach at Super Bowl LIII.

"It brings me back to 2018, I tore my ACL," Edelman said. "And I'm sitting there in a (pisser) in a bathroom at the Super Bowl, and this guy starts talking to me about a whip route I ran in the Super Bowl the year before. I'm like, what is this guy doing? I'm full out and everything. I'm like, 'What are we doing here, what are we doing?' So I go to wash my hands, the guy comes up to me and goes, 'You don't know who I am?' I go, 'We've had a little couple drinks, we all had a little drinks.'' He goes, 'You don't know who I am?' I go, 'I'm good dude, I've got to go, I'm washing my hands.'

"[It was] Kyle Shanahan. This guy loves football so much. We're bare knuckle Barry, and he's trying to talk whip routes with me," Edelman said. "And that's what makes him a great coach, a guy who loves coaching."

Coincidentally, Shanahan found himself at the Super Bowl again the following year, although there was no time to discuss route concepts in the bathroom as he was plenty occupied coaching the 49ers from the sideline of Hard Rock Stadium.

Given that he has spent his entire life around football, it should be no surprise to hear Edelman's first-hand account of how locked in Shanahan is at all times.

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